A&Z CNC Key factor and competencies 

A&Z CNC International s a Worldwide Rapidly growing and innovative Manufacturer of High quality dental implants tools and Dental Instruments. We strive to offer our customers the best value for their money along with fast and reliable service. ISO & CE Certified.

The company believes A&Z established brand is a result of qualified and skilled R&D and operational staff, deployment of advanced technology such as CAD/CAM, CNCs, agility to meet our customer requirements, attractive and durable packaging, shortest lead times and the continued presence in international markets using online portals and face to face customer interaction as differentiating factors.

The company offers bespoke product and service solutions to customers with the added advantage of highly competitive prices coupled with a rapid delivery schedule, Innovative and precise designs offer technologically advanced products superior to other producers

CEO - Man Behind the A&Z CNC international

Mr. Muhammad Zaid has worked with renowned international organisations and developed specific expertise in CAD/CAM, CNC dental implant kits & tools and producing state-of-the-art solutions for demanding markets and clients. His expertise is based on first-hand research and experience in the international markets related to hand and automated tools used in the dental industry. He uses this comprehensive knowledge-base in developing and producing the range of sophisticated dental Implant Instruments and dental surgical kits often to an individual customer's requirements.


Serving global health industry through skill and technology-embedded dental related product and service solutions creating a premium life time experience for our private sector clients who are ultimately the recipients of our committed work.


We We strive to provide our global partners and ultimate customers with innovative dental and surgical products conforming to international market demands. We achieve this through building in-house capacities in R&D, advance technology adoption, HR and couple these with responsible social and environmental initiatives.