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French / Japanese steel

Dental  Implant Trimmer Kit 

Box Contains:

1. Tissue Punch with pin, 5.0mm  

2. Tissue Punch with pin, 4.0mm  

3. Tissue Punch, 5.50mm  

4. Tissue Punch, 5.00mm

5. Tissue Punch, 4.50mm

6. Tissue Punch, 4.00mm

7. Tissue Punch, 3.50mm

8. Trephine Drill 7.0mm

9. Trephine Drill 6.0mm

10. Trephine Drill 5.0mm

11. Trephine Drill 4.0mm

12. Trephine Drill 3.0mm

13. Saw Disk 10.0mm

14. Saw Disk 7.0mm

Made in French Stainless Steel


  • For harvesting bone in autogenous bone graft placement
  • May be used for retrieval of implants
  • Laser marked score lines
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel ( French)
  • Internally irrigated to minimize the risk of overheating the bone during drilling
  • Can be used with the Drill Guide Paralleling System to eliminate drill chatter during graft or implant harvest